“Code Karega – India Badhega”

An “Equal Opportunities for All” CSR initiative from BDS Education

The initiative aims at providing a platform that provides equal access to the privileged and the lesser privileged, with the aim of making ‘One Child per Family Coding Savvy’ by 2024

The initiative is planned for a formal launch on Nov 14 as a Diwali Gift to the children of Rural India. It aims to encourage one and all to learn the ‘Future English of the World’ – Coding

First step to do so, is to ascertain and develop their interest in Coding. To do this, children need to log in to a specially designed free ‘Virtual Coding Course’ available on this portal

As a second step, children having the flair and parents the inclination, then have the choice to carry it forward with us at very minimal costs or elsewhere. The aim being that by the time they leave school, they are ‘Better Equipped to Face the Future’ in its own language, or in most cases are even job ready

Do we have to ‘Wait for the Government or Schools’ to do this for us?

Certainly NOT

Do it Yourself – Teach it Yourself’

BDS Education is a venture:

  • Driven by senior Armed Forces Veterans
  • Having years of technological experience in Combat, Product Development and
  • Subsidiary of Drone World Australia Pvt Ltd
  • Bringing its Military, Civil and Australian experience to an emerging India

Our Vision

In line with changed global conditions and national aspirations of the youth of
tomorrow, India requires Innovative, Evolutionary, Indianized solutions in its
Education Sector.

Solutions that redefine “Early Talent Development” in the fields of Coding, Robotics,
STEM, Gadget Creation, AI, IoT, Electronics, Arduino, Drones and more

Our Mission

Promote a “Do It Yourself and Teach it Yourself” product range, designed and
focused on:

  • Talent Development along with Basic Education
  • Ensure students in both urban and rural India leave school with well-defined,
    Technological Interests, Talent, and Skills.

Our Aim

  • Make available a robust, A to Z bouquet of proven products – The Best amongst the best along with appropriate value addition to ensure the customers and students get adequate return for their investment
  • Match the products with engrossing project-based learning content, presented in a manner that keeps in mind the tender age of the users and links it to their real-world environment at all stages of learning
  • Make available the content for both on-line and off-line delivery
  • Deliver this content directly to students as free on-line interactive courses
  • Create a new breed of on-line teachers cum entrepreneurs operating from home