• Vest Nikolajsen posted an update 3 months ago

    In short, renting an email list essentially means to pay a third-party an agreed upon amount to utilize their email list for you, then send out one email to their list. Of course, email list rentals vary greatly with some agreeing to deliver more than just one email to their subscribers. In essence, you are paying them to rent your email list and at the same time you are renting their email list. It is a very nice arrangement indeed.

    There are many benefits to this type of business relationship. You don’t have to invest thousands or perhaps even tens of thousands of dollars to get started and you don’t have to build a huge and highly targeted list to do so. This is especially advantageous if your product or service is not offered in mass quantity but rather in specialized offers aimed at a niche market. The bottom line is that there is no investment required other than a few hundred dollars to purchase your initial email list. You will then have to market and promote your products effectively to make it possible to achieve that cost-effective reach marketing campaign.

    Of course there are pitfalls along the way when it comes to an opt-in email list rental. First and foremost, it is essential to ensure that you carefully vet any company offering you this service. For example, many companies may offer these lists but they will also collect money from those who subscribe. Always be wary of any company requesting money upfront for your list or other similar request.

    Another pitfall of opt-in email lists rental is that you will only receive genuine customers. In other words, they won’t be random web surfers searching for information for the sake of curiosity. Instead, what you will be dealing with are truly serious people looking for what you are offering. In order to make sure that you are dealing with genuine people, never forget to run them through an extensive background check. Don’t be afraid to ask friends and relatives if they know of any reputable companies offering email lists rental services. If they do, then you can proceed with your search.

    Lastly, make sure that you have a good rapport with the company which you plan to acquire your lists from. If you don’t, chances are that the people who will be your customers will not give you their email address. That means that you will be relying solely upon a third party to help you build your email list. This means that every time somebody places an order, you will have no way of contacting them. That means that your online marketing campaign is essentially useless until you are able to get in touch with your customers yourself.

    Opt-in generation method – It has been proven that the best way to market online is by building an email list which you can then market via a dedicated email newsletter. In this regard, it is much easier to collect names of subscribers who will be interested in what you have to offer rather than trying to convince somebody who does not wish to subscribe to your mailing list. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a lead conversion system such as the Autoresponders used by Aweber. Autoresponders can allow you to collect emails from people who have expressed an interest in your service and then you can use these to build your own dedicated email advertising campaigns.

    It is also important to remember that some internet marketers like to try and obtain email lists by buying them from list brokers. There are several reasons why you should steer clear of this option. First of all, there is the issue of legality involved. Because these lists are usually obtained from list brokers, there is a possibility that your personal information may be made available to those who want to make use of it. At the same time, there is also the issue of security because many internet marketers have their own separate email addresses which do not belong to them.

    Lastly, if you opt for the latter option – buying or renting email lists, there is a big chance that you will not have control over the way the information you are renting is used. As mentioned earlier, some internet marketers like to collect names of subscribers from list brokers and then use these to create massive marketing campaigns. Indeed, there is nothing wrong with this if you have enough capital to spare. However, if you are just starting out, it would be best to simply rent email lists and start making the most out of them!