• Mccoy Mullen posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    You may be thinking that there is no need for you to rent an email list. After all, you can go and buy one, right? Wrong! Renting an email list has some real benefits that will help you maximize your marketing efforts while saving you money in the process.

    First, buying a subscribers list means having access to thousands of email addresses based on virtually any demographic and geographic information you have supplied to an online email list broker. However, it doesn’t mean those subscribers have ever heard of your brand, products, or even have any vested interest in what you are saying. Do you really think they will actually read the content you provide them with on rent a list? Probably not. They are most likely going to hit the back button in frustration from the annoyance of getting unwanted emails. On the other hand, renting a subscribers list gives you access to an amazing audience that already knows who you are, what you sell, and why they should do business with you.

    Before you even start thinking about how you are going to market to these people, take a look at the numbers. Calculate the open rates for each of the sites you are considering renting from and figure out what your conversion rate would be if you were to send just one email out to each subscriber. This is called your ROI. The higher your open rates, the more profit you will make from each subscriber.

    When you rent a list, you also get a built-in sales funnel. There are actually quite a few advantages to renting a subscribers list versus buying one. First of all, when you buy one, you’re dealing with a single customer who might have only one or two subscriptions. But what if you build up enough of a relationship with your list and you send a bunch of emails to them on a regular basis? You suddenly have a sales funnel full of prospects!

    Buying email lists is another big mistake that many marketers make. The problem with buying is that you end up paying hundreds of dollars every month for the privilege of getting these lists. So how do you avoid this? The answer is simple… you need to rent a list.

    Yes, you can build a good email marketing business without ever owning it. That’s because building a list doesn’t cost anything. It’s a fact that some marketers will get lucky and build a list without spending any money, but 99% of marketers will end up spending money on buying lists from various companies. The main problem with buying is that you never really know whether or not the list you just paid for is updated. It might have been purchased by someone who has since unsubbed, or it might still be sitting on a shelf collecting dust.

    There are two good alternatives to buying when you’re thinking about renting. You can rent an entire list that way you don’t have to worry about spending money on new leads. You can also rent a segment if you want to focus on certain demographics. But the bottom line is that you never really have to pay for an email addresses.

    The best part about renting lists is that it saves you time. When you go to a list rental company, all you have to do is put in an information form and you can rent as many email addresses as you need. These brokers collect the data for you and will then distribute it to your customers. All you have to do is forward the forms on your own and you won’t even have to leave your office. These brokers are usually faster than the email list brokers, so your leads will be ready to sign up in a matter of hours.