Airblock Educational Drone – The transformable Flying Robot

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Parents need worry no more. Airblock is sold as a product course combo at no additional cost to you. For course details kindly see the courses page

Whether you get an Airblock for your own child or use it as a teaching aid in STEAM education, the Airblock can engage and educate while letting kids have a ton of fun along the way.

The Makeblock Airblock is world’s first educational multirotor designed to tap into children’s innate desire to have fun and be creative while letting them exercise logic and critical thinking skills, as well as learn block-based programming and the principles of aerodynamics.

The Airblock consists of a core master module and six power modules, each of which contains motors and propellers, like a drone. In fact, kids can connect the modules to make a drone, a hovercraft, or even a puppet. They can even attach other materials to the modules to explore a myriad of other ideas and possibilities.

Each hexagonal module connects to each other via built-in magnets. Not only do these connections allow for construction, but they also power what they create if the master control module is part of the final design.

Once snapped together, kids can program and control their creations via the Makeblock coding app. Intuitive coding within the app lets them string together a series of abilities that can be triggered with a tap.

Flying Robot, Hovercraft, and More

While kids can make their own creations, two options include the hovercraft and flying robot. The flying robot is basically a drone and incorporates the core master module in the centre, with all six power modules around it.

It can take off with just a click, perform flips and spirals with just a tap on the app, and can be piloted from up to 33′ away. The hovercraft design creates a cushion of air that lets the vehicle zip around quickly, drift and dodge, and hover over both land and water.

Program and Pilot, No Experience Required

The Makeblock app and programming capabilities are designed to get kids up and running, creating their own tricks without any prior programming experience needed. They can program flight manoeuvres, adjust airflow intensity, create a variety of colourful LED light changes, and more. The same app that lets them program also lets them pilot with a touch.

Award-Winning Design

The innovative design of the Airblock has earned it multiple design awards such as the German IF Design Award, the German Red dot Product Design Award, the Korean K-Design Award, the American IDEA Award, the Japanese Good Design Award, and more.

Additional Features

Each power module’s propellers are foam-enclosed for safety
App connects to the Airblock via Bluetooth technology
950mAh battery for up to 20 minutes of power
3D building tutorials via app

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Winner of multiple international awards, Airblock follows a“DO it Yourself, Teach it Yourself, Create it Yourself & Play it With All”approach

It consists of magnetic e-Modules that snap on to take different product forms from Hexe drone, Hovercraft and Amphibian to other imaginative forms, using Lego and BDS Art Forms

Children use their critical thinking skills to learn block-based programming, principles behind aerodynamics, air cushion vehicles and more

Airblock is transformable

Fly anytime, anywhere

There’s endless fun to be had whether you’ve made an amphibious hovercraft, a compact and flexible car, or a dazzling automatic spinner!

Learn the science and technology behind Airblock

Compatibility with Lego and others

Get a professional remote-control flight experience, via your mobile app

Makeblock App is equipped with a cool, professional remote-control interface that allows you do aerial stunts such as flips, spirals and jitters at the touch of a button.




Controlling your Robot is Fun

Children can enjoy a

professional remote-control flight experience anytime, anywhere; and get started in seconds, even with no prior experience.

Explore new ways to play with Airblock using programmable controls

With Airblock, children can program their own flight manoeuvres and hundreds of colourful LED light changes. Airblock becomes their learning ally, teachin

g them creativity from the moment they take off.


Operate your robot, like a pro with the Makeblock Bluetooth Controller

The Makeblock Bluetooth Controller includes 15 buttons and 2 joysticks, greatly enhancing consistency and precision, and allowing children to improve their dexterity and reaction times.

Unleash the DIY & TIY in you

Airblock’s modular design and innovative magnetic connections make it easy to connect and separate modules.

Children learn to build their own creations from scratch, turning small everyday objects and ideas into fascinating inventions.

Unleash your creativity with inspirational add-on packs

Global reach, recognition & acceptance

Airblock has won several awards including the German iF Design Award, the German Reddot Product Design Award, the Korean K-Design Award, the American IDEA Award, the Japanese Good Design Award and many other international industrial design awards.


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