mBot Add-on Pack – Interactive Light & Sound

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Used with your mBot. As the name goes, the add-on pack essentially adds 2 light sensors and a sound sensor to mBot to demonstrate the use of these two commonly used sensors in daily life. Turn your mBot into 3 different robots including Scorpion Robot, Light-Chasing Robot, and Intelligent Desk Lamp. Having learnt these three explore and make more robots. The additional mechanical and electronic parts increase your mBot collection.

The Makeblock mBot Add-On Pack Interactive Light & Sound is an expansion kit that is designed to encourage STEM learning through a child-friendly robot. This pack converts an mBot into three different modes that include light tracking, sound and colour recognition, and light emittance as a voice-activated desk lamp. It also supports graphical programming, so your child will gain knowledge through this educational toy while also being entertained.

mBot Add-on Pack Interactive Light & Sound

The mBot Add-on Pack Interactive Light & Sound is a 3-in-1 pack that allows you to construct varied robot modes that are entertaining and helpful, including a Lighting Chasing Robot, a Scorpion Robot, and an Intelligent Voice-Activated Desk Light. With mBot and the components in this pack, children will be able to enhance their creative thinking with light and sound.

The First Stop: Light Chasing Robot

The Light Chasing Robot feature is designed to make your mBot track light.

The Second Stop: Scorpion Robot

The Scorpion Robot feature is designed to make your mBot recognize sound when you clap your hands. It is also designed to recognize colour for enhanced reaction capability. This allows you to enjoy the integration of light and sound on the mBot.

The Third Stop: Intelligent Desk Light

The Intelligent Desk Light feature is designed to turn your mBot into a desk light. Simply touch it and make sound to control the light.

Graphical Programming

When this add-on pack is combined with the mBot, it can support graphical programming that is like building blocks.



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