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Early childhood education robot

mTiny is a pre-assembled robot that teaches pre-coding concepts to children ages 3 plus. The only pre-requisite for a child to be able to learn is to know how to distinguish various colours. mTiny helps young childs to imagine, explore the world around them, discover, create story lines, think logically, and apply their mind in how to make the robot execute what they are thinking. A wonderful device to keep a child usefully engaged at home and in a day care or a pre-school. \

mTiny is an early education robot for children growing up in the digital age. Its Tap Pen Controller is a coding tool that exercises children’s logical thinking and problem-solving abilities. It brings computer programming into children’s real life, using coding cards and various themed map blocks to guide the child in exploring, perceiving, and creating through highly interactive, stimulating, and fun games. The continuously updated mTiny toolkit also fosters children’s interest in learning in math, English, music, and other subjects, and keeps them inspired.

Multiple Intelligences

mTiny was designed with Multiple Intelligences Theory in mind. Logical thinking and problem-solving skills can be fostered through interactive games that truly engage younger children at the level and pace they are capable of.

Interact with the Map for fun and Learning

mTiny comes with a tap pen controller and an interactive map which distinguish it from other products. They are easy to use. Combined with a range of coding games for different levels, mTiny interacts with young children to spark their passion for discovery and learning. Through games, children develop their logical thinking and problem-solving skills, equipping themselves with lifetime learning abilities.

A Fusion of Cross-curricular Contents

mTiny exposes young children to concepts such as math and music. Designed (in alignment) with modern educational philosophies in mind, mTiny finds a better way to spark children’s curiosity for knowledge and develop their logical thinking from an early age.

Screen-free Multisensory Learning

No external devices are required to work with mTiny, making it a screen free coding solution. mTiny enables children to engage different senses to increase attention and explore the world around them.



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