Neuron Artist Kit

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The kit consists of neuron modules and cut out of multiple art forms as shown in the picture to help children learn combining technology with art. Having learnt this, children can make their own art forms to make gadgets as per their own imagination.

The Neuron Artist Kit is designed to teach programming to children for them to gain their design skills. The kit includes 8 programmable electronic blocks. With them, you can build games, animations, creative projects with them.

There are coloured guides describing how each electronic block works. It also shows how the module works with an example. (It will allow us to work very easily in group works/workshop)

It’s very easy to connect the Neuron blocks together! Thanks to its magnetic structure, you can easily connect them to each other. They are also grouped as INPUT, OUTPUT, and Energy & Communications blocks according to their colours. As an example, the orange coloured blocks are INPUT, the blue coloured blocks are OUTPUT, and the green coloured blocks are ENERGY & COMMUNICATION blocks.

Let us look at the Neuron blocks in the kit:

  • Smart Power: It gives power to other blocks
  • Sound sensor: It is used to measure the sound intensity of the environment.
  • Ranging sensor: It measures the distance.
  • Buzzer: It makes a sound when it receives a signal.
  • LED Strip Driver: It runs the LED Strip block

You can program the Neuron Blocks with your computer and your smart devices. For computers, you need to download the mBlock (based on Scratch 3.0) into your computer. For smart devices, you need to download the Neuron App from App store or Google play.

Programming with both mBlock and Neuron App is quite easy and fun. You can develop creative projects, animations, and games by dragging and dropping the code blocks.

Creative Projects

Six different projects can be done with cardboard papers in the kit. They are Led Sword, Ukulele, Xylophone, Cloud Lantern, Infinity Band, Magical Drum.



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