Snap-on Electronic kit Magic of Voice

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Voice is the wonder of electronics.

In this focused kit children get to make electronic story books, voice activated story books, sound recording, working of emergency numbers, sound & light effects, electronic zoo, making games, electronic parrot, music box, obedient light bulb and more.

This kit is a Childs Fun Gallery



People have been talking about the idea of voice control for a long time. And they’ve been working on the idea since long

But it’s only now, in the age of electronics, that this idea become not only possible, but easily accessible. We already have car navigation systems that understand the human voice and can set the route that a voice asks for.

Should you not know how this all happens?

People can now turn their lights on and off by voice command. Our voices can control our computers and smartphones. We have computers into which we can speak — and the text we’ve spoken is entered in a document

The technology is very convenient — particularly for people who can’t work with their hands. Its knowledge for kids of tomorrow is a must

We hope you have countless hours of fun with the kit while learning all about the fascinating world of electronics and the important role played by voice in controlling gadgets, we have been seeing around us since ages!


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