Snap-on Electronic kit Super meter

21,000.00 12,999.00

This kit is an investment for life. The amount that a child can learn using this kit is unbelievable

Designed for high schools & colleges, this level 4 electronic lab contains the best of the entire family of Snap-on Electronic kits.

With this lab at home, a child gets a passport to the international world of electronic education and lays a sound foundation to becoming an innovator and an inventor.

There is nothing more a child could ask for



Why do we call this set “Super”?

Because there’s no better way of describing everything in this set.

Even if you already have our “Smart Car “, “Voice Magic “, “Alternative Energy“. “390 Circuits “, or even our “Super-Meter“sets separately, you’ll still find new things, new projects, and new circuit set-ups which you won’t have seen before. It has the best of all and more

We hope you have countless hours of fun with this ultimate electronic kit that has no parallel in the world!


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